Coach Crown

Coach Crown grew up in Pennsylvania within a blue collar family. He spent most of his time competing on the football field as well as the track. He has always had a mindset that hard work in combination with setting realistic goals can set you up to achieve success. His drive and abilities brought him to Catholic University of America where he lettered and excelled on the football team.

With a background in business development along with athletic coaching, Todd's career has allowed him to work with people of many backgrounds and interests. His passion and effectiveness to get the best out of his students is what sets him apart from other coaches.

Coach Crown is an avid Notre Dame football fan and has found a new appreciation for the beautiful game of soccer. He resides in Orange County, NY with his loving family and dog.

Crown Methodology

Coach Crown believes above all, that hard work, will at the very least, put you in a position to be successful. Through his playing days and experience throughout his career, he has encountered that hard work is always more important than solely talent. In order to continue to improve as an athletes and person, Coach Crown is a big believer in attitude, drive, and determination. At it's core, Coach Crown builds his athletic training sessions around those ideals and around the following values to garner success:

  • Trust
  • Goal Creation
  • Dedication