Professional Football Training & Guidance

Football has been a massive part of Coach Crown's life and he wants to make sure the game you love will continue to play a role in your life too. No matter if you're a Quarterback, Receiver, or Defensive Back...if your goal is to play at the college level, look no further than joining our football training programs, football clinics, and events. If you live in and around the Hudson Valley, be sure to stay tuned on all of our weekly, monthly, and quarterly football trainings at Orange County Sports Club. We have the resources, football drills, and overall coaching to develop your skills and hit your goals. Your season starts with us!

Football Training

We are able to provide you professional football training week in and week out. Our staff is always expanding and are obsession with the game makes us a perfect fit to help you improve your skillset. Our beautiful grass fields and entire fitness area at Orange County Sports Club makes our venue a one-stop shop for achieving goals. See below for the many different trainings we host at Orange County Sports Club in Florida, NY. Please complete the form below to tell us what types of trainings you are interested in.

  • <7on7 Trainings
  • Routes On Air
  • Indy Workouts
  • Weekly Lineman Training
  • Monthly Quarterback Training
  • Position-Specific Clinics & Challenges

Football Film & Pictures

We know how important it is to be able to show college coaches game film and more. You can count on us to help provide professional video and imagery so you can provide to all the college football programs you are interested in. More details coming soon!

Football Recruiting Services

In addition to helping you hone your football skills, get into peak shape, and provide you film, we are here to help you through your entire recruiting process. Our connections and diligent networking experience will help put you in front of the right eyes to make your dreams come true. Contact us here if you are ready to get started!